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Fiskebar: The Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneva

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix has recently gone under a multi million pound restaurant, including new Nordic-fusion concept restaurant Fiskebar. Spread across four different areas, the restaurant includes a fresh fish counter as well as a traditional Scandinavian fish market design with the interiors offset by natural materials like wood and ceramics as designed by B3 Designers (

In 2017, I worked in collaboration with fellow ceramicist Kirsty Macrae and B3 Designers to create and install a Nordic and seafood inspired ceramic wall piece for Fiskebar, a new fine dining restaurant in the heart of Geneva. The art work is made up of around 200 ceramic Oysters Glazed in a colour pallate, of black, white, bronze and gold.

Gueshouse no.1 York

In 2022 this boutique hotel in the centre of York was redeveloped my Martin Hulbert design. I worked with the designers, producing 44 stoneware ceramic wash basins for each bedroom and the spa treatment areas. I produced basins in two designs with two different glaze finishes.

Mulberry England candle gifting project

In 2023 I produced a ceramic vessel for Mulberry which was turned into a candle and gifted to their customers worldwide. The vessel was faceted and stamped with the 'Mulberry' logo on the front, and stamped with a Mulberry tree underneath. It was glazed in a Tenmoku with an electric blue over the top. Each of the 450 pieces was made by hand.

Lamp bases for the New Craftsmen

Two lamp bases designs which are made to order and sold exclusively through The New Craftsmen. There are size and colour options available for both the Ganymede design, and the faceted base design. For further information, and to place an order, please visit The New Craftsmen website.

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